Whether you are an individual or part of a church/school/work place or other community group, Cyrenians would like to hear from you regarding fund raising. You can do absolutely anything; all you have to do is get people to sponsor you as you do it, or have a collection which will raise much needed funds and awareness of homelessness and Cyrenians.

You don’t have to run a marathon or skydive (but you can if you want to!), but all we are asking is for people to get involved and do something small. If ten people did something small and inspired another ten people each, then we’d have a whole bunch of people doing something small, which actually do something really big!


There are lots of different ways you can support Cyrenians and our cause:

If you have any questions or anything you’d like to discuss, ring 024 7622 8099 and ask to speak to our Fundraising team

Other ideas:

Hold a tea party! Whether it’s a cuppa and cakes with a few friends or a grand event; you can hold a tea party at work, at home at school or your place of worship.

Have a themed dinner party at home, i.e. Mexican, Italian, etc., and ask family and friends to dress up and make a small donation for their meal. Please remember to take photos to send us so we can put them on our website!

You could hold a table top/garage sale or have a car boot sale.


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