30th April 2018


A Big thank you yet again to CLM (Christian Life Ministries) Church Coventry, who are spending their Saturday's volunteering by carrying out much needed sorting at our Bishopsgate warehouse. 

This is important work as it allows us to utilise the space to its full capacity, meaning we can accept more donations. These in turn are used to furnish new tenancies for our service users when they find private accommodation.

CLM 1 APRIL 2018


The latest groups from CLM came to help us on 14th & 28th April.  They spent several productive hours, sorting and sizing curtain and towels, sorting and counting our logo’d garments and also shifting and sorting our sofas.


The most recent group helped sort out our bedding store:

 CLM 2 APRIL 2018

It has been a great help as it was getting to the stage where we almost couldn't get through the door!


Thanks to all involved.