A Welcome End to 'No-Fault' Evictions

It was announced today that ‘no-fault evictions’ are to be abolishedThis is fantastic news and a major step in helping to reduce homelessness.

There are many myths around why people become homeless. For example alcohol misuse, drug misuse, non-payment of rent or anti-social behaviour to name some of the more popular ideas. But the lack of security in private tenancies has been the biggest reason for people losing their homes for several years now. Landlords will still be able to get their properties back if they need to or if the tenancy isn’t working but they won’t just be able to evict people without a good reason.

It’s hard to see why anybody could think this is anything other than a major step in the right direction. Hopefully we will now begin to see a reduction in homelessness after several years of increases as a result of social policy in this country.