26th January 2018


Phil Smith (AIMS coordinator) was asked by former colleague Nim Bahia (lecturer of Childhood and Youth Studies) to deliver a talk to students about Cyrenians as a unique local charity.  The talk and Q and A afterwards were wide ranging and covered subjects including opportunities for the students at Cyrenians to volunteer and gain an insight into local issues which Cyrenians supports the community with.  Here is the summary Nim provided -  

Phil Smith Aims Talk 1

 Phil from Cyrenians visited our L3 students on the Childhood & Youth Studies course to sharehis experiences of working within different sectoral contexts, highlighting the most significant in the ‘voluntary sector’, with Cyrenians. Students in their third and final year of this course are encouraged to consider wider contexts to working with children and young people, in terms of the organisations, their culture and ethos of working which will impact ‘what we do’ at front line with this population, and how this aligns itself with local and national policy. The session was interesting and reflective followed by a thorough Q & A enjoyed by our students-some of whom will be seeking opportunities with Cyrenians ‘to help make a difference’.

It was a great experience and many thanks to Nim and the students for their time and hospitality.