12th February 2020



Cyrenians were fortunate in that a piece of research AIMS had wanted to conduct coincided with a dissertation to be written by Mizbah Iqbal, a Birmingham University student.  After a lot of discussion and preparation the study interviewed in May and June 2019 young people previously and currently supported by AIMS.  This was done with approval of the ethics committee and followed GDPR legislation and all young people reported a positive experience and found Mizbah to be a kind and empathetic researcher.  The findings from the research have been added here, along with Mizbah’s own words about the process.  Many thanks to all those involved – young people, family members, school staff, Cyrenians staff, etc, who all played a key role in making the research a success. 


Research Statement

 Over the last year, I, Mizbah Iqbal, Phil Smith and Nimrita Bahia have been working on a project to explore the perceived impact of Young Persons Alcohol Intervention Mediation Services.

This opportunity was presented to me by Nimrita Bahia, my former Lecturer, on my graduation day which I was very happy about. Soon after this, I was introduced to my partner organization Cyrenians and the main man, Phil Smith.

From here on all ‘things’ research related moved quite quickly as Phil put an immense amount of work into the project, he spent endless hours contacting participants, organizing interview days/venues/times and so on which allowed me to focus on other aspects of the study!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Phil and conducting this study as it taught me so much. Not only have I increased my knowledge on this topic and my interest in undertaking a PhD, I have also improved my practice skills and learnt a lot about working with a partner origination.

Overall, this experience has been worthwhile and successful thanks to certain individuals who I would like to mention. Firstly, Nimrita Bahia - thank you for presenting me with such an amazing opportunity so early into my research career, you are truly one of a kind.  In addition, Phil Smith - thanks for being an incredible human whose delivering such an amazing service that is impacting the lives of young people. Lastly, most importantly thank you to all the young people who took part in this study, without your time and honest accounts of your experiences none of this would be possible.


AIMS Birmingham Uni Research

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