As a long-time Chief Executive at a local charity, I can say first-hand how difficult it is to convince people of the level of success we achieve in the community as the problem of homelessness never seems to go away; in fact it just gets worse. However, as our Twitter page recently retweeted “small charities are like bees - pollinating below the radar in their local areas.”

I’m very proud of the services we offer here and this is only possible because of our dedicated, hard-working team. They are the ones responsible for the great statistics I am able to show you.  The infographics below display some highlights from our recent 16-17 impact report and it’s our accommodation services in Coventry & Warwickshire that I’d like to provide some statistics for, to demonstrate how effective our work in the local community really is.

Mike Infographic

We are local, but we are vital. Coventry Cyrenians do more than anyone else in the community to help rebuild lives. That reverberates. For every person that rebuilds their life (finds a job, starts a tenancy) – that person positively contributes to the community both economically and socially and makes fewer demands on overstretched public services– and we accommodated over 300 people in 16/17. That is a large impact. We provide more supported accommodation for individuals locally than any other single agency. We bring real lasting change and we are trying to get this message out to the community.

I’d like to end by thanking The Big Lottery Fund, which has funded our Young Person’s Alcohol Mediation Services for another four years with a grant of over £200,000. This will fund the service for four years, supporting young people (aged 13 to 18) and their families/carers where alcohol has presented a significant challenge for the young person and/or a close relative. This will be achieved by providing advice, counselling, advocacy and a range of related support. The service, which has already been successfully piloted, has a proven track record, with 88% of young people reporting a positive outcome from their engagement.

Historically, we’ve worked with numerous young people for whom alcohol was the cause of their homelessness. We are hugely grateful that the Big Lottery Fund has decided to fund this project, as it now allows us to work preventatively before people reach the crisis point of being without a home.  It is only possible due to National Lottery players.